Oceanfront Cruise & The Blue Fox Café

A little late but, happy Easter! Yesterday was another beautiful day here so we decided to have some fun in the warm weather. To start our day we had a hearty brunch at the Blue Fox Café, in downtown Victoria. I love this place so much! The line outside (on the weekends and holidays) is always quite long and it’s first come first serve, but it’s worth the wait. The café has so many options, and their variations on the eggs benedict are so unique. I had the “Moroccan Chicken Benny”, it has spiced free run chicken breast, sautéed brown button mushrooms and onions, palm date apple chutney, and it’s all topped with a Moroccan spiced holly. So tasty and filling too! It’s always great coming to the Blue Fox to enjoy a yummy meal and hang out in an friendly environment.


Afterwards, we went for a scenic cruise along Dallas Road. For those of you who haven’t been here, Dallas Road is parallel to Victoria’s oceanfront walkway. You can stop and visit so many cool things along the way too, including the Ogden Point Breakwater, Beacon Hill Park, Holland Point Park, and Clover Point Park.


These areas were quite busy yesterday since it was a holiday, so we continued along and ended up at a smaller beach. Two chairs had been left on the rocks for people to relax and enjoy the ocean and mountain views. My guess is that they have been left there for some time, since they’re a bit worn down and covered with carved initials from folks wanting to leave their mark 🙂 .

2017-04-17 (5)5

2017-04-17 (3)333

We had a wonderful day, and were happy to get outside and enjoy ourselves. Hope you all had a happy Easter weekend too 🙂 .

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