University of Victoria’s Finnerty Gardens

It’s Friday and it’s beautiful out 🙂 . I spent most of the day inside but I knew I had to stop by Finnerty Gardens during my study break.

The 6.5 acre garden, located at the University of Victoria contains:

  • different trees and shrubs (4000+)
  • rhododendron and azalea plants (1500+)
  • ponds (3)

There is plenty to see, and there are benches available throughout the garden for you to stop, relax and take it all in.

I always love coming here once the weather warms up, and all the beautiful flowers have bloomed; however, during the Fall and Winter months, it still serves as a great place to get some fresh air and reset during those busy school days.

There were quite a few people strolling through the garden today, all enjoying the surrounding beauty. The strong smell of flowers was in the air too.

Before your visit you can download and print UVic’s walking tour guide of the garden:




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